English Speaking Workshop (ESW) is organized to join people and give an opportunity to regularly speak English and for the all-round development.  


    Due to the small number of participants (10-20) the atmosphere at the training is very pleasant and homely, and because of the absence of the age limit the conversation progresses very easy and naturally which is conductive to overcome the language barrier.


    The topic of each meeting is known beforehand (you can see it below on the web-site). The topics are always different but all of them are united with one thing: they are always timely and cause flames. But the warm atmosphere and delicious sweets always mitigate the strained moments.


    Some ways of preparation to our lessons:


    1)    Not to prepare at all. This variant is appropriate for those who can fluently express a thought in English practically on any discussed question and has quite wide area of thought.

    2)    If the discussed topic is not known to you try to find all the necessary information in Internet and to prepare to the discussion.

    3)    Learn the new words but it is optional.