General English – is a general course of English language which consists of 6 levels: Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Advanced. 


    The main aim of the General English program is formation and development of the language skills and knowledge for the practice use of English orally or in written form.


    The main goals of this program are:


    • Overcoming of the language barrier and improvement of the conversational English skills including improving of the pronunciation;
    • The knowing of the grammatical norms of English language;
    • Active vocabulary expansion;
    • Improvement of skills of working with the prints in English: reading, translation;
    • Improvement of skills of understanding the spoken language aurally;
    • Increase of overall level of English language.


    The practice tasks and methods of development of the required language skills in the tuition process include: case method and role games, dialogues, discussions, presentations, listening tasks, pair/team work, reading, narration, grammar explanations, written tasks.


    Course duration:  Lessons are conducted 3 times a week. One of these lessons is English Speaking Workshop. The total duration of one level – 12 weeks.


    Lesson duration:  90 minutes in a group and 60 minutes for the private tuition


    The class format:  Private and group tuition.


    Number of students in a group:  4 – 8 students


    The tuition is provided by the highly experienced tutors certified to CELTA, CPE, TKT, TESOL, TEFL, IELTS, TOEFL and etc. 


    The compulsory procedure for courses entry is diagnostic test. After the current level of English language has been indicated the students are separated to groups during 10 business days. The lessons are organized under a flexible schedule.


    After the successful accomplishment of the tuition program in accordance with the knowledge level they have got the students will be able to:


    • Lead oral communication in English in accordance with the subject of the tuition program;
    • Implement English language for correspondence with foreign friends and colleagues;
    • Read and understand the publications in English;
    • Implement English language in different situations in social life



    For defining the right group for the student it is necessary to define the current level of language knowledge. The objective solution of this issue is implementation of diagnostic test. Diagnostic test is a pretest for the defining the current level of English language knowledge for development of English and/or mathematics, logic (for the tests in math section).

    In accordance with the system complex analysis the diagnostic test which is implemented in GRBS is necessary for the following reasons:

    • Time saving. Passing the test gives the student the high probability to be defined into the group he needs; this will cause him(her) to study English more efficient
    • Absenceofsubjectivity.The test determines the concrete level of ability on such skills as listening, grammar and reading


    The diagnostic test consists of the following stages:


    The diagnostic tests schedule:

    The duration of computer based diagnostic test is 2 hours and 15 minutes. The results of the test are released in 24 hours. The group is formed in 10 days maximum in accordance with the schedule comfortable for students.

    The payment for the diagnostic test is 40 AZN. If the student registers to the course after the test the fee of the test (40 AZN) will be subtracted from the course fee.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

    Test Quantity of questions Duration of the test
    Listening Test 5 recordings 20 minutes
    Grammar Test 90 questions 75 minutes
    10 minutes – break 
    Reading Test 2 sections 40 minutes


    Days of the test:




    Tuesday 10:00
    Wednesday 14:30
    Saturday 13:30
    Sunday 12:00


    Notes: The registration for the diagnostic test is held 48 hours before the assigned date.The registration for the diagnostic test must be accomplished 48 hours before the test date. Seatsarelimited.


    To register to have to contact us by phone number: (+99412) 437-10-51. 

    Hasten to become our student and get a high quality education!