• NEBOSH IGC 2 - Control of international workplace hazards

NEBOSH IGC 2 - Control of international workplace hazards

NEBOSH GC2 - Control of international workplace hazards

Units GC2 and GC3 are common to:

  • NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety
  • NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety

This, therefore, enables candidates to obtain both the National and International General Certificate qualifications by passing just four units, ie, Units IGC1, GC2 and GC3 to form the International General Certificate and Unit NGC1 to complete the National General Certificate (Units GC2 and GC3 passed as part of the International General Certificate can be used as exemptions for the National General Certificate).

Unit GC2: Controlling workplace hazards

  • Unit GC2 is a taught unit, assessed by one two-hour written examination
  • Each written examination consists of ten ‘short-answer’ questions (8 marks each) and one ‘long-answer’ question (20 marks)
  • Each examination paper covers the whole GC2 unit syllabus. All questions are compulsory
  • Candidate scripts are marked by external examiners appointed by NEBOSH

Course Syllabus 

Element 1: Workplace hazards and risk control

Health, welfare and work environment requirements

Violence at work

Substance misuse at work

Safe movement of people in the workplace

Working at height

Temporary Works


Element 2: Transport hazards and risk control

Safe movement of vehicles in the workplace

Driving at work


Element 3: Musculoskeletal hazards and risk control

Work-related upper limb disorders

Manual handling hazards and control measures

Manually operated and Powered load - handling equipment


Element 4: Work equipment hazards and risk control

General requirements for work equipment

Hand Tools and Portable Power Tools

Machinery Hazards

Control Measures for Machinery Hazards


Element 5: Electrical safety

Principles, hazards and risks of electricity

Control measures


Element 6: Fire safety

Fire initiation, classification and spread

Fire risk assessment

Fire prevention and prevention of fire spread

Fire alarm system and fire-fighting arrangements

Evacuation of a workplace


Element 7: Chemical and biological health hazards and risk control

Forms of, classification of, and health risks from hazardous substances

Assessment of health risks

Occupational exposure limits

Control measures

Specific agents

Safe handling and storage of waste


Element 8: Physical and psychological health hazards and risk control