• Internal Audit

Internal Audit

(Under the decree of Azerbaijan Republic dated on 22 may 2007)

Establishment of the internal audit system in the first instance is the law of demand!

Legal bases of arrangement and implementation of  internal audit services to increase the management efficiency of economic entities in Azerbaijan Republic, pass Azerbaijan Republic Law of president of Azerbaijan Republic on “On internal audit” number 332-IIIQ, dated  on 22 May 2007 to determine the rights and duties of  internal auditors and decree of president of Azerbaijan Republic on the application of  Azerbaijan Republic Law on “On internal audit” number 603, dated on 29 June 2007, decision of Cabinet Council of Azerbaijan Republic on “Terms of  stage application of Azerbaijan Republic Law  on internal audit for economic entities as a compulsory audit” number 155, dated on 5 October 2007 created the implementation responsibility of  “Internal audit” in all economic entities. 



  • Information on the legal basics of internal audit.
  • Information on standard basics of internal audit
  • Understanding the arrangement of internal audit
  • Theoretical and practical detail knowledges related to the implementation of internal audit
  • Planning and program of internal audit
  • Professional skills in the field of implementation, documentation of internal audit and risk evaluation 



  • Essence and importance of internal audit
  • Regulation of internal audit activity
  • Normative legal base of internal audit in Azerbaijan.
  • Arrangement of internal audit
  • Management of internal audit
  • Implementation  of internal audit
  • Basic directions of internal audit activity  
  • Methods and ways used in internal audit
  • Characteristics of electron application of internal auditor checks
  • Internal auditor
  • State regulation and co-ordination of internal audit activity
  • Code of professional ethics of internal audit
  • Professional model of  risk-directed internal processes of internal audit in economic entities.  
  • Responsible management of internal audit
  • Normative – methodical documentation of internal audit arrangement
  • Automate the function operations of internal audit activity 



310 AZN



12 hours



Azerbaijani, Russian, English