• New technology of GIS

New technology of GIS

Adherence to any system of views - not that other, as result of a habit; as it is difficult to mind to refuse a habitual mentality and to acquire new representations as a body - to operate and live, not using abilities peculiar to it and bodies.

Paul-Henri Thiry, baron d'Holbach



  • Work out (compile) scientifically-based work plans on holding of borehole products’ collection, preparation and management of the process of its implementation
  • Know about the processes and occurrences going on the inanimate nature and wildlife, understand opportunities of modern scientific methods of nature cognition and manage them necessary up-to-date solving of tasks, appearing during fulfillment of professional functions
  • Compile work plan, have good computer skills of collection methods, store and analyze information, used in sphere of its professional activity
  • Revalue stored experience in science development and changing social practice, analyze one’s opportunities, gain new knowledge using contemporary informational educational technologies
  • Project activity in professional sphere on basic of systematical approach,  construct and use models (samples) for description forecasting different occurrences and carry their quality and quantity analysis
  • Change methodically and psychologically appearance and character of one’s professional activity, work on interdisciplinary projects
  • Know methods of geophysical researches and interpretation of results in  producing wells
  • Analyze the results of gas-hydrodynamic researches of wells and layers




750 AZN



12 hours



Azerbaijani, Russian, English