Wells Survey

That till now is opened by sciences, lays almost at the surface of usual concepts. To get deep into and afar the nature, it is necessary more true and cautious by to distract from things as concepts, and axioms, and the best and more reliable work of reason in general is necessary.

Francis Bacon



  • Know methods of geophysical researches and interpretation of results at  well producing
  • Analyze the results of gas-hydrodynamic researches of wells and layers
  • Have complete representation about processes and the phenomena occurring in inanimate nature and wildlife, understand opportunities of modern scientific methods of knowledge of the nature own them at a level necessary for the decision of problems, professional functions arising at performance
  • Organize work plan; possess computer methods of gathering, storage and processing of the information, applied in sphere of its professional activity
  • Reassessment of the saved up experience in conditions of development of a science and changing social practice, the analysis of the opportunities, acquire new knowledge, using modern information educational technologies
  • Design activity in professional sphere on the basis of the system approach,  build and use models for the description and forecasting of the various phenomena and carry out their qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Change methodically and psychologically appearance and character of one’s professional activity, work on interdisciplinary projects
  • Know hydromechanical and physical processes in a productive layer at extraction of oil and gas




950 AZN



18 hours



Azerbaijani, Russian, English