• DEM of oil & oil-gas wells

DEM of oil & oil-gas wells

What preconditions of a classical science could get rid of a modern science? As a rule, from what have been concentrated around of the basic thesis according to which at the certain level the world is arranged simply and submits reversible in time to fundamental laws. The similar point of view is represented to us nowadays as an excessive simplification. To divide it means to assimilate to those who see in buildings only a heap of a bricks. But it is possible to construct of the same bricks both the factory case, and a palace, and a temple. Only considering a building as a unit, we find ability to perceive it as a product of an epoch, culture, society, style.




  • Work out the scientifically-proved work plans on possessing of borehole products and operate a course of their performance.
  • Compile a databank on the basic questions of development and operation of oilfield;
  • Make use of the previous experience and a databank at the decision of problems of development of new oilfields;
  • Carry out research engineering in the field of creation new and perfection of known methods of development and operation of oilfields;
  • Organize work plan; possess computer methods of gathering, storage and processing of the information, applied in sphere of its professional activity;
  • Reassessment of the saved up experience in conditions of development of a science and changing social practice, the analysis of the opportunities, acquire new knowledge, using modern information educational technologies;
  • Know hydromechanical and physical processes in a productive layer at extraction of oil and gas;
  • Know methods of geophysical researches and interpretation of results at well producing;
  • Analyze the results of gas-hydrodynamic researches of wells and layers.





950 AZN



16 hours



Azerbaijani, Russian, English