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Global recognize İnternational Training Centre GRBS announces the start of courses in English for medical professionals in the fall 2014.

1) Medical English Fundamentals - To start this program the knowledge og English is required at Elementary - Pre-Intermediate levels

2) To start this program the knowledge of English is required at the level not lower than Intermediate

Only we train qualitatively for the world of tough competition.

Your 3 steps to a successful acquisition of language in the area:

Learn: Hihg-quality video and audio recordings and articles will help you to learn the basic words and phrases used in medicine and pharmacy.

Try: Immediately get feedback on your pronunciation and check your newly-acquired knowledge through our language exercises.

Practice: Group classes allow you to work and improve what you have learned with real teachers - native speakers Learn English for the medical industry. Examination of key words for nurses and doctors. Job in the medical industry requires significant skills in language and communication.

We offer more than just training on the subject of the industry. Our innovative and flexible teaching methods will give you comprehensive English language skills.

The course fee includes also a licensed educational materials both hard-copy and on CD for the preparation and successful passing the exam, coffee breaks and a certificate of the international level.


In order to register, you can use one of the following methods: 

1.  The fastest and most convenient service: Online registration

2. Fax or E-mail: please fill in Registration Form attached to and send to Once you submit Registration Form, Customer Service staff will contact you within 24 hours.

3. Before the start of the course fee, the client is the diagnostic test to detect the level of knowledge and competence in English (!). The cost of diagnostic tests is 40 AZN. This amount is deducted from the total cost of the course.

Space is limited, pre-registration allows you participate in the preparatory course. Trial lesson and late registration will not be accepted (!).


Recommend your friend

If following your recommendation, your friend and/or colleague enrolls at preparatory course, each of you will get 18 AZN discount from the course fee.  

Participation in the Program is valid only for individuals (those who participate in the course at their own expense).


For detailed information about all discounts for both legal entities and individuals go to: ______

Guarantee ofsuccess:     

To pass the exam successfully you need to follow our recommendations and the following three conditions:

100% attendance

Get at least 70% in all screening tests

Get 70% inMockExam

If these three conditions are met, but astudent has notpassed the exam successfully, GRBS® guarantees free re-participation(!) inthe course. If a student has not fulfilled all three conditions mentioned above, and has notpassed the exam successfully, re-participationin the course will cost 50% of the total cost.


Cancellation of registration:

Cancellation of registration, change ofdates or re-registrationto another preparatory course must be made by you in advance. Notice shall be given in writing to representatives of İnternational Training Centre at least three (3) working days prior to the start of courses in order to avoid paying of a fine as 30% of the course fee. To cancel the registration, change dates or re-registerto another preparatory course after the start of the course a customer will be charged the amount of 100% of the course fee.





About price




Payment per month (4 week)

Full payment (12 week)

185 AZN

555 AZN 


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