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Business English is quite simply the English you need to conduct business in a professional manner. It provides you with the skills to write emails, produce reports, make presentations, negotiate with clients, participate in meetings and conferences, write letters and deal with clients on the telephone and in a face-to-face situation. So, rather than focusing on general English for conversations and socializing and etc., Business English focuses on communication in business related situations.


Business English course has 5 levels:


  1. Elementary Business English
  2. Pre-intermediate Business English
  3. Intermediate Business English
  4. Upper-Intermediate Business English
  5. Advanced Business English


The necessary level of English language for preparation:


  • For Elementary Business English - Elementary level
  • For Pre-intermediate Business English – Pre-Intermediate level
  • For Intermediate Business English – Intermediate level
  • For Upper-Intermediate Business English – Upper-Intermediate level
  • For Advanced Business English – Advanced level


Course duration:  Lessons are conducted 3 times a week. One of them is English Speaking Workshop. The total course duration – 3 month.


One lesson duration:  90 minutes


Class format:  Private and group tuition.


Number of students in a group:  4 – 8 students


Tuition method:  Interactive tuition method with the implementation of innovation technologies.


Tuition program:  Course program includes:


  • Business vocabulary
  • Deal with international companies on the telephone
  • Business correspondence (messages, business letters, reports)
  • Conducting of presentations and meetings






About prices





Payment per month (4 week)

Full payment (12 week)

185 AZN

555 AZN 


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