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One More Innovation from GRBS

As a leader of the market, GRBS continues to define the rules. Now any Worldcard, Bolkart holder and Unibank user will be able to get the GRBS quality and pay the fee on partly basis. Plus, all the additiona fees such as percentage charges will be paid by GRBS.

YapiKredi - WorldCard

With WorldCard you can benefit from various privileges and opportunities while shopping at designated World Member Shops and Trade Centers. Now GRBS also is member of this big World family and you are able to join our courses whenever you want. Just use your Worldcard for payment and GRBS will pay the percentage charges. Customers will be able to choose payment period up to 1 year

All you have to do is choosing the course you want to participate in and pay it within the period of your choice.

In addition, any promotions held by YapiKredi concerning WorldCard will be applied in GRBS,too.

Bank Of Baku – Bolkart

Bolkart – is totally free, multi advantageous, restorable-limited credit card.

You can use your Bolkart in any shopping place that has MasterCard logo in Azerbaijan or abroad. And now, GRBS accepts payments with Bolkart. Any Bolkart – holder can join any course of their choice and pay within 3 or 6 months. No extra charge ! 

All percentage fee will be paid by GRBS.


One of the most popular banks in Azerbaijan – Unibank also has given its users to benefit from paymetns on partly basis while purchasing courses from GRBS. Using the online platform that Unibank will set within the official site of GRBS, users will be able to:


  • Secure their payments
  • 24 hour-a-day support and usability
  • Chance of observing and cancelling payments
  • Payment on partly basis.(3-6 months)

Plus any Master or VISA card user will be able to use this platform.

Notice that you will not be able to benefit from discounts if you pay on partly basis.


  • Customer chooses a course that is worth 700 AZN
  • Choose 6 months as the duration of payment.
  • So,monthly payment will be 700/6 months = 117 AZN.
  • All the additional charges will be GRBS’ liability.



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