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11 июня 2015

The first Sanitary-Hygienic Laboratory operating among commercial organizations in Azerbaijan since 2006 is proud to serve you.

Laboratory awarded with Technical Competency and Independent Accreditation Certificate (Certificate # AZ by State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Patent of the Republic of Azerbaijan was supplied with all technical means and normative base in conformity with legal requirements and modern equipment.

Under Article 64 ‘Workplace attestation, its purpose and regulation’ of Labour Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan and guided by Resolution no 38 ‘Rules for workplaces attestation’ of the Council of Ministers adopted on March 6, 2000 on attestation of workplaces at least once per 5 years to create safe and healthy working environment Sanitary-Hygienic Laboratory holds attestation, as well as specialized training for employees and consultations. Our Laboratory provides you with the following services package:

• Investigation and giving official opinion on workload, intensity of work, physical, chemical, psychophysiological factors by means of modern and specialized equipment and application of examination and measurement techniques in accordance with international standards. Preparing checklist and protocol for attestation of conditions at work places;
• Drawing up a sanitary-technical certificate about work conditions based on results of laboratory analysis and measurements;
• Running attestation of work places and preparing attestation documents and giving recommendations on health-improving arrangements.

OUR AIM: To help you in providing healthy and safe work conditions at work places.

IMPORTANCE OF OUR ACTIVITY: Attestation of work places will ensure leading position of your organization in the field of its speciality. Along with that it will help you comply with requirements of ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001 International Standards and also provide your employees with working conditions complying with sanitary norms and occupational health and safety regulations in force.

MEASUREMENT FACTORS: physical, chemical, heavy labor, labor psycho-physiological stress.

77 Samad Vurghun street • Officers Park • Baku AZ1022, Azerbaijan

Contact us:

T/F: (+99412)505 10 51/61
M: (+99470) 606 99 66


E: attestation@grbs.com



28 M/St, Baku Central Hub • Pushkin Street, Demir Yol Plaza, 15,16th floors • Baku AZ1010 Republic of Azerbaijan

T: (994 12) 599-00-61 • T: (99412) 599-00-62 • T: (99412) 599-00-63
E: ipq@grbs.com

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