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GRBS® being an official ACCA Computer Based Exam Center is pleased to invite you all to sit any of ACCA's Fundamentals Level's Knowledge Module exams in GRBS® CBE Center.Here you can find all the information you need to know in order to enter and sit these exams.

ACCA Knowledge Module exams are held by computer-based assessment at official CBE centers. The CBE system is flexible, so you can sit assessments at any time of the year. You are not restricted to the June and December exam sessions. See the below Exam Schedule in order to choose a suitable date and time.

Following Knowledge module exams of the ACCA Qualification papers can be sat as CBE:


  • F1 - Accountant in Business
  • F2 - Management Accounting
  • F3(UK) - Financial Accounting (United Kingdom)
  • F3(INT) - Financial Accounting (International)


Following Foundation-level exams can be sat as CBE:


  • FA1 - Recording Financial Transactions
  • FA2 - Maintaining Financial Records
  • MA1 - Management Information
  • MA2 - Managing Costs and Finances
  • FAB - Accountant in Business
  • FFA - Financial Accounting
  • FMA - Management Accounting



Online CBE Pilot Exams (free)

Test yourself before the official Computer Based Exams,find out your score,save your time and money.



Please read through these instructions before trying the Online CBE Pilot Exams


When you have answered a question you must click the SUBMIT button for your answer to be recorded

  • Numerical answers should be submitted without commas and using the full stop as a decimal point eg.10530.25
  • Move to the previous question by clicking PREVIOUS in the left hand column
  • You may quit at any time by clicking the EXIT button in the left hand column, but you cannot then return to the exam.
  • You can change the answers at any time during the test by clicking the CLEAR button
  • You can have unlimited attempts at each question within the overall time limit of the test (the demonstration exams are not time restricted)
  • In the demonstration exams the time is not restricted, however in the live exam, the time remaining to you for completing the exam appears in the left hand column.
  • The demonstration system is based on the live computer based exam system, to allow you to familiarise yourself with the operation of the software. There are a few additional features in system used for actual exams, however these are explained in the handouts given to you before the exam starts.

Exam schedule 2013


Registration for exams and making payment must be completed at least 5 weeks before exam date.


Exam schedule 2014



Exam Date


Registration deadline

15 February
18 January
22 February
25 January
01 March
01 February
08 March
08 February
15 March
15 February
  29 March
01 March
  05 April
08 March
12 April
15 March
26 April
29 March
03 Маy
05 April
10 Маy
12 April
24 Маy
26 April
31 Маy
03 Маy
07 June
10 Маy
14 June
17 Маy
28 June
31 Маy




Special notes:


  • CBE officially starts at 16:30 in the indicated date.
  • Please arrive at the exam center by 16:00 am.
  • Latecomers will not be admitted into the test room.


Exam fee

  • 130 AZN - Standart entry
  • 150 AZN- Late Registration 


Payment can be made by credit/debit card,online payment,bank transfer or by cash. Payment must be made at least 5 weeks before the exam date

Exam details


  • Exam contains 50 questions
  • Exam duration is 2 (two) hours
  • Pass mark is 50%


CBEs contain multiple choice questions, multiple response matching questions and number entry questions.


You can easily get registered to ACCA Computer Based Exams by email. In order to register, please, send an email to containing necessary details about you, listed below:


  • Name, Surname
  • Date of birth (dd/mm/yy)
  • Student ID
  • An exam you wish to take and the date of the exam
  • Contact numbers
  • Method of payment

Special notes:


  • For registration as ACCA student please follow this link
  • Within 24 hours after registration for exam you will be emailed a confirmation of your exam admission.
  • You will need to bring your photo ID with you to the exam.

Exam results

You will see your results and indicative feedback on screen as soon as your assessment has finished.

If you are successful, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement and your exam status will automatically be updated at ACCA.


If you are unsuccessful, the feedback you receive will indicate the areas of the syllabus where you should concentrate your studies. You can arrange your re-sit as soon as you are ready.

For students with special requirements

GRBS® welcomes entries from students with disabilities or special needs and is able to provide additional help or concessions, such as extra exam time, as appropriate to individual needs. If you have a special need, you should enter the exams online in the usual way and then notify the representative of GRBS® International Professional Qualifications in writing of your requirements.

All requests for special needs provision must be accompanied by supporting medical or professional documentation

For more detailed information on ACCA Preparatory Courses please download


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