F2 Management Accounting


Syllabus outline
  • Nature and Purpose of Cost and Management Accounting
  • Cost Classification, Behaviour and Purpose
  • Business Mathematics and Computer Spreadsheets
  • Cost Accounting Techniques
  • Budgeting and Standard Costing
  • Short-term Decision-making techniques
Learning aim

To develop knowledge and understanding of the business environment and the influence this has on how organisations and accountants operate, and of the role of the accountant and other key business functions in contributing to an efficient, effective and ethical organisation, and to build knowledge and understanding of the basic principles of effective management.


A computer-based or paper-based assessment of 2 hours duration, comprising 50 compulsory questions, each with one or more parts.

Course details


Taught + Revision




680 AZN 

Fee includes:

Taught+Revision phase, as well as Monitoring Tests, Mock Exam and  full package of study materials from ACCA-approved publisher (Study Text, Practice and Revision Kit) and coffee breaks.

Total Duration:

44 hrs


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3. Before the course client has a chance to take diagnostic test to determine his or her level of knowledge on relevant course(!). Diagnostic test fee is 40 AZN. In case of register to the course and after signing the contract 40 AZN will be deducted from the payment of the course.


Days of the test:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 19:00 till 20:00.


The seats are limited. Registration is undertaken on first-come-first-served basis; early application and early registration are advised.

Success assurance

We strongly believe that you have the best chances of passing exams if you follow our recommendations and meet the following 3 conditions:


  1. Attend the course without absences
  2. Get at least 50% on both Progress Tests
  3. Get at least 50% on Mock Exam

If all the above conditions are met BUT the Student still fails the exam,GRBS® will allow him/her to re-sit the course FREE OF CHARGE. In addition, WE will PAY the re-sit exam fee for the Student.

If the Student fails exam without meeting all above conditions, then GRBS® will grant him/her a 50% discount for a re-sit course.

Knowledge Module Exams

GRBS® being officially licensed to organise and administer CBEs by ACCA is pleased to invite you all to sit ACCA Knowledge Module (Papers F1-F3) exams at GRBS® CBE Center and choose a suitable exam date especially for you.

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  • If several employees of the same organization/company will participate in the course, offers the following discounts: 4% for 2, 6% for 3,  8% for 4,  10% for 5-10, and even higher discounts for more participants (for more details)
  • 5% incremental discount for each subsequent qualification course attended
  • 10% for persons aged from 16 to 23
  • 10% for bachelor degree students
  • 10% for government employees
  • 10% for owners of ISIC card  
  • 10% for Biz Club subscribers
  • 21% for soldiers who were demobilized during the last year and 50% for every soldier who served at the front
  • In addition, GRBS® offers extra discounts for people entitled to special benefits granted by The Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan (for more details)
  • Discounts offered for the members of Caspian Business Club:


                    Honorary status 35%


                    Platinum status30%


                    Gold status 25%


                    Silver status20%


                    Bronze status 15%

Important notes:
  • A client can benefit only from one discount offer
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  • 38 AZN subtraction is applicable solely to ACCA preparatory courses being attended or to be attended in the future.
  • You may recommend not more that two friends and/or colleagues.
  • Only individual clients (the ones who sponsor the participation in the course on their own) are eligible to apply for the programme.
Cancellation policy

The Client must notify the representatives of "GRBS International Professional Qualifications" LLC verbally or in writing if he/she wishes to cancel the registration, change course dates or switch from one course to another. The notifications must be done at least 7 (seven) business days in advance before the course starts in order to avoid paying cancellation fee of 30% of the course fee. If Client wants to cancel the registration, change course date and switch to another preparatory course he/she has to pay cancellation fee of 100% of the course fee.

For participants from abroad
GRBS® renders additional services: the client's meeting and accompaniment, transfer and accommodation services, cultural and entertainment programmes (for more details).

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