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About Bahram GuRbanov

Bahram Gurbanov

GRBS Creator and CEO


Bahram Gurbanov is business administrator, the leading expert-consultant in Management, Creator of GRBS, founder of 12 companies and a person who manages the business in different directions.

He is one of the prominent educationists in region who is well known for introducing international education certifications and setting new trends in the Azerbaijan and globally.
He graduated from Azerbaijan State Oil Academy with Technical Sciences degree. He is a member of New Azerbaijan party, Azerbaijan Project Management Association and Project Management Institute.

Mr. Bahram Gurbanov possesses a rich and diversified experience in education industry. He is one of the prominent educationists in Azerbaijan who is well known for introducing international education certifications and setting new trends in the rapidly expanding Azerbaijan market.
GRBS stands for “GuRbanov Bahram Services”. GRBS® is the first company in Azerbaijan to be granted the status of official tuition providers of ACCA, CIMA, NEBOSH, PMI qualifications. Along with these qualifications GRBS® today offers more than 500 courses in management and general training.

All this has not come overnight. There is a long struggle behind this success story which is full of challenges and ups and downs. He has made his way in life by passing through many demanding roles which he gracefully accepted and fulfilled. He started his career at a rather low position, like most young graduates, in an oil sector company and then paved his way through different corporations at various levels. Working in different environments has helped him to accumulate the knowledge which now he demonstrates for the progress of his own business, and which is evident to all.

He also has rich teaching experience in the Management, Human Resources, Sales and Commerce, Project Management, Behavioral areas for more than 10 years. During these years thousands of business people, university students participated in his different training courses, including, Time Management, Stress Management, The Professional Manager, Selling Smart, Marketing and Sales, Project Management, Negotiating for Results, Communication Strategies, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Team building, Conflict Resolution, Call Center Agents Training, Customer Relations, and etc.

Also the large number of master classes for large audience approximately 200-600 people is conducted to the youth of Azerbaijan. As the example the master class on the topic of ‘Leadership’ conducted in Ganja, ‘Team building’ in Guba and Key Note Speaker in Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy for “Azerbaijan Business Forum” can be shown.

He is a true change agent and a perfectionist in his domain. Accepting challenges has come to him as second skin. His modern approach towards business is the primary force which has brought him to this point in life where he stands today. His business sense and ability to deal with people and difficult situations has made him a role model for many of the entrepreneurs in the local community who need inspiration and advice for their personal and professional development.

He has achieved a tremendous success in a short time, making him a renowned entrepreneur in the community. He inspires many people around him and is seen as a role model for business managers due to his effective and result oriented management skills. He is frequently approached by business managers seeking consultancy and professional advice.

His latest projects are establishment of official IELTS Test center in Nakhcivan, opening new representative office of GRBS in Iran, Advocatus International which provides law services to companies, one of the biggest in country and first fast-food restaurant in Sumqayit FastFood International, establishment of the technical database of Baku International Vocational School in brand new office of GRBS in Zabitler Park and establishing Dragon Fighter Mixed Martial Arts Sport Club.

One of his projects is the establishment of a small yet international standard hotel in the historical city of Baku.  Again, as expected by all, this hotel is showing brilliant results under his leadership, right from its inception.  It must be mentioned here that it is not just an ordinary hotel project; rather Bahram’s vision is to convert it into a state of the art institute for hotel management studies, which is a missing link in the thriving city and capital of Azerbaijan.  There is no need to mention here that he is already on his move for this purpose and arrangements are being made to achieve this purpose.

For the more detailed information about the activity of the trainer refer to the official Youtube Channel of Bahram Gurbanov https://www.youtube.com/user/bahramgurbanov

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